"These topics are great! I know from my experience that many international people who do business with Americans can learn a lot here on the website – or from the book.”
Susan Kinkley, Project Manager (ret.), Intel
"Joan’s experience working with newcomers to Canada is a great benefit. I learned a lot about Canadian culture. I found, in particular, the advice on business etiquette is very helpful.
On my oppinion Office Soft Skills tutorial is very useful for newcomers from developing countries who can learn how to behave in office enviroment.
I am going to recommend this website and tutorial to people who newly arrived to Canada.”
 - Sandjar Djalalov.
Currently working as a Senior Analyst at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto; moved to Canada from Uzbekistan two years ago."

“The tutorials show real life situations. I learned a lot from them.”
 - Y.P., Accountant originally from China, now in Scarborough, Canada


"The tutorial quizzes are fun. And I like the way vocabulary is integrated into the lessons."
- J. Rodriguez, Database Administrator in California


"The situations used in the tutorials are detailed and realistic, and the quizzes are an excellent guide to language and behavior in the workplace."
 – K. Vivier, book editor in New Mexico.